João Baptista Rossi is a Brazilian artist who found his image similarity in the deeper aspects of nature. As of 2011, he identified the need to direct his gaze into his inner being and found in nature his true essence, the meaning of his work and mission of life.

Since then, it aims to travel the world to make its visionary vision an instrument of interconnection of souls and quantum transmutations, using the art and elements of nature.

Agnus Dna is an artistic, visionary, pilgrimage, transmutative character, cultural rescue and resignification of human relations with nature, synthesized in art with symbolic, mythological and abstract images, resulting from human intimate reflection and its vital relationship with nature.

This pilgrimage includes places of sacred nature, waterfalls, caves, mountains, canyons, forests and all life form the nature of the Earth, places that accumulate high spiritual energies and symbolic aspects with curative powers and regents of frequencies. The combination of its elements consists of all the genetic inheritance absorbed by all existence on Earth and are revealed with their archetypes that relate to our collective unconscious and to the mythology of humanity.